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Bacterial vaginosis. And so that's something that we need to go to the root of. If they can prove that bacteria migrate from one microbiome to the other, they may be able to treat BV not with antibiotics but with probiotics.

That means we get behind ideas wherever they come from. Collaboration extends beyond your immediate team, as we pull together across functions, locations and management levels to achieve shared goals. Drive the Change At Zalando our ideas are big and our actions are bold.


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So the conversation in school was pretty much null. Impact Our success is built on our ability to turn input into impact. I've had a discussion with him frequently and early on about ways that - pardon me - that he can, you know, protect himself and also having the discussion with the young women that he may be involved with. DELGADO: Yes, that's what is so - that's why you have to look beyond the numbers in each situation because what forms that young woman and that young man's decisions, they vary from situation to situation.
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And in one case, it can be something that motivates someone, in another case it may be something that is not thought of in a positive way. It serves a lot of different functions. But now, in the era of HIV, they leave women at a distinct disadvantage. The other thing is we don't want to under emphasize the significant progress that we've made in cutting down on teen pregnancies among all groups.

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