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About the –ľovie asian water:

A well-fed lizard may not be interested in feeding for a few days while smaller frequent feedings may yield a constant appetite. It is important to remember that water monitors are opportunistic feeders and will rarely refuse a meal. Female water dragons and other members of the Agamid family have been documented laying infertile eggs if they have not bred with a male.

The median life expectancy for Asian water dragons is 10 to 15 years. Asian water dragons have been identified as an invasive species in Hong Kong, likely due to the release of unwanted pets. In a correctly maintained enclosure, meeting such requirements should be straightforward. This species sports a long, banded tail that is used for balance and leverage when climbing and as a whip-like defense against predators. In turn, the monitors may be hunted by larger crocodiles, and juveniles may be vulnerable to birds of prey and large water birds such as herons.


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In a correctly maintained enclosure, meeting such requirements should be straightforward. Maintaining a healthy animal will of course significantly reduce stress for both keepers and their clever monitors. The longest water monitor on record was a specimen from Sri Lanka measuring an impressive
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This is why it is important to be prepared for the commitment of keeping a large carnivore that will require a lot of space and food. Loss of habitat is of course a major problem.

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