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As a result of this demand, a narrow-shelled, single-headed drum called the gong drum was introduced in Britain during the 19th century. Tommy Aldridge pioneered[ citation needed ] the use of double bass drums in hard rock and heavy metal music. A notable difference between the two is that long drums, unlike davuls, were used primarily for religious purposes. In Africa, the indigenous population took the basic idea of the davul — that is, a two-headed cylindrical drum that produces a deep sound when struck — and both increased the size of the drum and changed the material from which it was made, leading to the development of the long drum.

Mailloche; It. Different beaters have different effects, and felt, wood and plastic ones are all popular. After the first stroke, the pedal will naturally bounce back, hit the toe as it slides upwards, and rebound for a second strike.


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The heads are always vertical when mounted in this way. Sometimes the front head of a kit bass drum has a hole in it to allow air to escape when the drum is struck for shorter sustain.
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