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About the мovie sleeping:

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy meals in the evening. Avoid eating large meals close to bedtime—they can keep you awake. When you feel sleepy, go back to bed.

Here are some ideas: Follow a regular sleep schedule. But even light exercise—such as walking for just 10 minutes a day—improves sleep quality. Genes and sleep Genes may play a significant role in how much sleep we need.


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If you need to make up for a late night, opt for a daytime nap rather than sleeping in. But, if you have REM sleep behavior disorder, your muscles can move and your sleep is disrupted. Exercise 20 to 30 minutes a day but no later than a few hours before going to bed. Night shift workers often have trouble falling asleep when they go to bed, and also have trouble staying awake at work because their natural circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle is disrupted.
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Work your way up the rest of your body, section by section. Sleep Apnea People with sleep apnea have short pauses in breathing while they are asleep.

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