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The Dominican Republic is located on the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola and is 18, square miles 48, square kilometers , about twice the size of New Hampshire. The lower class is most often black, descendants of the African slave population or Haitians. Likewise, there are universities in most of the largest cities. It was a natural destination for ships following the easterly trade winds from Europe and the Lesser Antilles and remained the Spanish capital of the New World for the next fifty years, when a change in sailing routes made Havana the preferred port.

Private health insurance or complementary insurance is essential to avoid excessive gaps in coverage costs, i. The mountains of the Dominican Republic divide the country into northern, central, and southwestern regions. Roman Catholicism has been combined with traditional folk religion, particularly in rural areas. Blacks and mulattoes make up almost 90 percent of the population. Kin Groups.


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The capital, Santo Domingo, is the largest city by far and has a population of 2. When the household is headed by a woman or when there is a consensual union, inheritance policies are more loosely structured. If you are not living in the evacuation zone and are sure that your building can withstand a storm, you may stay there until the storm is over. The main hurricane season is from June to November, with peak times from late August to the end of September.
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The island became the hiding place for many pirates and was captured for ransom by British admiral Sir Francis Drake. Attendance is mandatory to sixth grade, although many children, particularly girls, drop out before then. Columbus encountered an island populated by at least , Tainos living in permanent villages and subsisting on agriculture.

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