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Photo: reactiongifs 3. It made me feel like I was an alien, like I was abnormal. There's something powerful about a large-chested woman who can work it that screams, "Don't mess with me. Boobs especially big boobs rock, and we can pretty much all agree on that.

Hey, who doesn't want to exude this lady every once in a while? Note: almost all of these sites have a clause in the Terms of Use stating they do not guarantee and cannot verify the accuracy of the information provided by any user. Last year I even considered breast reduction surgery for the first time.


SexyAltGirls 09.10.2019 at 09:30
Photo: reactiongifs 9. Russell Bramhall, a consultant at the burn plastic surgery unit at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, told the Guardian this year that women getting the surgery are almost at the mercy of a postcode lottery. Photo: reactiongifs Those adorable summery tunics? This is a place where we have a huge leg up on our less well-endowed friends.
Daddysbabygirl03 09.10.2019 at 12:16
Yet here "you" are in the comments section? Hmm, me thinks you was floggin da dolphin and spewing seed to her.
XTRemeX94 15.10.2019 at 14:25
HAHAHA oh holy fuck I've never seen "white trash trailerpark single mom" summed up so perfectly by one video. You know her kid is destined to spend his life on welfare or in jail
LuhansFlute 11.10.2019 at 13:55
The girls are so fucking cute tho, I really wish they did this shit out of free will. I can't watch this, it's just making me sad.
Quartus 12.10.2019 at 18:27
I'd fuck even better than that if you have those tits!
JoshuuSucks 16.10.2019 at 16:48
Am i the only one who hates videos like this? That ckearly r**e she looked so dusgusted and trued to sgop him ik its faje but its just disgusting i hate abything to do with r**e
MrProRock 09.10.2019 at 09:30
Bikinis that come as a pair are laughable. We can universally agree that there's nothing more awesome than laying your head down on a girl's lovelies.

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