Color Blind - Part

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Published on 2019 October


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About the –ľovie color blind - part:

Navigating that world can be an especially unique experience for children with color vision deficiency. About 1 in 10 men have some form of color blindness. Some types of color blindness increase with age or develop as a symptom of certain diseases or exposure to toxins like mercury.

Color blindness often happens when someone cannot distinguish between certain colors. So What Causes Color Blindness? This is a rare condition in which a person cannot see any color, only shades of gray. Abnormalities of rod and cone function.


Sagarbhand23 03.10.2019 at 20:10
The drug hydroxychloroquine Plaquenil can also cause color blindness. It detects a different color than normal. Textbook of Family Medicine. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier; chap 1.
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About 1 in 10 men have some form of color blindness. Editorial team.