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About the –ľovie taurus mesmerized & fucked in the ass by laz:

Apparently this album turned off the underground without crossing over to the mainstream, but it's pretty good: the bright but unbubbly "Seal My Fate" seems like it should have been a hit, for example, and "Red" has a gorgeous countrified chorus. A massive seller behind the hit single "All I Wanna Do," which features the "Suzy Q" bass line endlessly repeated while Crow half-sings pseudo-poetic verses, and a chorus that really was catchy the first hundred thousand times I heard it. She evidently works quickly: clutches of words appear with no evident relation to the rest of a song "Names And Dates And Times" , while the melodies give "rudimentary" a bad name "Egos Like Hairdos". Half-spoken vocals with no discernable melody, sluggish acoustic guitar accompaniment, soporific six- and seven-minute running times the anti-NRA title track , lyrics so direct they read like diary excerpts "Short Shoulder" , and an overall depressed manner "Carry You Around".

Apparently the grandiosity is reined in from earlier discs, though there's still a symphonic opening with a pretentious title "Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Miss Leviathan" , and a bunch of seven-minute cuts "I Am The Thorn". When five people sleep in a three-bedroom house, sleeping arrangements can get creative. DBW Jeff Buckley, Grace Whereas 70s and 80s hard rock bands relentlessly imitated Led Zeppelin 's pomp and power chords, in the 90s a few artists emerged who were more inspired by the band's lighter side - by the drama, by the casual etherealness of songs like "Down By The Seaside" Alex quickly became man of the house. I will give him credit for not including any annoying interludes or hidden tracks.


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DBW BWP, The Bytches In the early 90s, before Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown, the epic confrontation was waged between self-exploiting male-pleasing hip hop pseudo-feminism and self-exploiting male-bashing hip hop pseudo-feminism. A lot of the material is too wimpy "Honeycomb" or more often too arcane to be memorable, but there are still plenty of idiosyncratic masterpieces "Medusa"; the head-banging "Skeleton," a dissertation on dynamics; the ecstatic "Superball"; the straightforward rocker "Oh The Wind And Rain," a. Kim also carries over the Pixies' weird obsession with surf rock the steel guitar-slathered "No Aloha" and surging instrumental "Flipside," both of which just totally rock out; "Saints," with a huge lick. Each of the five singers is passable though no one stands out the way Justin Timberlake did with 'N Sync.

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