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About the –ľovie kotaro mating:

By contrast, according to the fecundity preference hypothesis, male preference for fecund females plays a role in the evolution of male mate choice in sexually cannibalistic species. The direction of first locomotion was determined with respect to whether or not the distance between the male and female decreased i. Such a distinction in neural activation between females and males may reflect a higher level of judgment by females, in contrast to more indiscriminate mating motivation of males.

Surprisingly, there was no clear relationship between the amount of male copulation attempts or successful copulations during singing on day 1, and later valence of pairs. In control flies, mated female flies had more GSCs than virgin female flies Fig 1D , as we reported previously [ 14 ]. Fixed body size did not differ among the four groups of females. Because the level of expression in dorsal VTA was about double that in ventral VTA, the scale of y-axis indicates separate percentages for both ventral lower values and dorsal higher values regions.


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Such information, as well as more detailed quantification of individual movement patterns, should allow more accurate assessments of each individual's judgment of their partner. If the male chooses to attempt copulation based on this signal, the female can then continue with copulation or reject him. The simulation results suggested that hybridization can promote adaptive radiation most effectively when there are intermediate levels of genetic differentiation among hybridizing parental species. Successful copulations were counted as those in which the male remained above the female for longer than 1 s, while both birds remained relatively stationary.
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Recent advances in computational efficiency that allow automated monitoring of animal behavior allow more efficient and comprehensive analysis critical for ethological studies, and especially useful for characterizing interaction of multiple individuals Branson et al. This discovery is fundamental for understanding the evolutionary ecology and behavior in anuran amphibians" says Prof. In contrast, the PC2 component is mainly related to the amount of time birds spent on any perch, whether together or separately.

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