Tracer & Widowmaker X Pharah & Mercy

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Published on 2019 September


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About the –ľovie tracer & widowmaker x pharah & mercy:

While this ship thus struggles to reach the mainstream popularity of others, it has however grown to be an established niche pairing within the Overwatch femslash community. Reaching out, I knocked on the motel door. He has played Overwatch since its initial release, and has put over hours into competitive play.

That insecurity, I also recognised. My research is promising. Additionally, Wall Climb gives Hanzo the ability to contest Pharah should she use Jump Jet in an attempt to control the skies. Pharah is also a great counter to Winston's Primal Rage, as Pharah is a difficult character to trap against a wall.


Tantirb22 30.09.2019 at 03:20
Va is one of those heroes that greatly assists another hero, but is also one of their greatest counters. Despite the lack of canon material to work with, there are several factors that contribute to the ship's popularity: In the game Widowmaker has several voice lines that are exclusively directed at a friendly Mercy. That was especially the case given that she was essentially my patient, and I was having most un-doctor-like ideas about those biceps and abs. As Pharah's primary playstyle is to fly through the air and deal damage from above, a skilled Widowmaker can force Pharah to stay grounded lest she receive a Widow's Kiss bullet to the face for an instant death. Angela Ziegler.
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I double-checked the room number, spent a few seconds worrying I was intruding on my surly teammate, and reminded myself that I was thirty-seven, for crying out loud, and if I couldn't take risks now, when did I plan to take them? Self-Destruct is highly successful against Pharah when she is airborne as there is often nowhere to hide from the explosion. Due to her past and current affiliation with Overwatch, she is working against Talon and thus against Widowmaker. Additionally, Pharah's Concussive Blast is a hard counter to Doomfist's combos, as he needs to chain his attacks perfectly to secure kills on his enemies.

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