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Helena smiled and rubbed her head against Barbara's chest. The brunette opened her mouth and took in the soft breast, sucking softly and letting the fingers of her right hand tease the other nipple. She stood up and walked out of the room. Their tongues flicked to tease and tempt, ratcheting their desire to new heights.

Suddenly Helena grabbed her hand and stopped her. She stood looking around the silent ClockTower. The meeting lasted a bit longer than she expected but it finally finished. I want to go home to Red " "I'm here.


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I had to turn the sound up.... it was only then I realised there was no sound. Was she drunk? fecking embarrassing.
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Barbara slept hugging Helena, burying her nose in her neck. Your vitals are all wrong. The dark haired woman tried to focus on the road but it was getting difficult with Barbara's hand touching her like that. She grabbed his throat with fury and pushed him against the ground.