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About the –ľovie hr flex and:

Be sure to touch base with your HR department about local policies and practices. It should also state that continuation of the flexwork arrangement is contingent upon it working effectively for both the employee and the department. Flextime includes: Individualized start and end times that remain constant each work day e. Our human resources outsourcing company works with you to address your business specific questions and needs, including: Ask the Pro: Address your situational questions in regards to employment compliance and personnel issues, and receive a response within one business day.

Flexwork is job-appropriate: Flexwork may not be suitable for every job. Core hours are usually required when all employees must be at the worksite. Have you had candid conversations about anything that might make you hesitate to approve the proposal? Flexwork arrangements should not be considered permanent. Approve or deny based on business reasons: Proposals are expected to explain in detail how the proposed arrangement will benefit the department and support its business goals and objectives.


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The goal should be a net-positive or net-neutral impact on the work and the people. Flextime does not reduce the total number of hours worked in a given week. When Flextime: Employees work a standard full-time or part-time work week with start and end times that differ from the regularly scheduled workday. These guidelines are just the beginning! Managers should evaluate all proposals with consistent work-based criteria, rather than focusing on why an employee wants to adopt a flexwork arrangement.
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If they leave gaps, consider a group meeting including employees to bring up concerns, make adjustments and find innovative solutions among the group. Managers should keep an open mind regarding flexwork, but never agree to changes that could undermine business goals or burden other staff. Flexwork is responsive: Flexwork arrangements are meant to be responsive to the changing needs of the workplace, and should be reviewed and updated both as needs change and, at a minimum, annually. It may be because of a lack of sufficient detail about how, where, and when work will get done; or a history of underperformance on the job; or simply that the job itself is not suitable for the kind of arrangement proposed by the employee.

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