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About the –ľovie hantei:

Contained Japanese-style room at the 2nd floor. In practice. Each of these items is skewered on fine bamboo needles, breaded, then deep-fried in oil rather than animal fat. The love of the Japanese for food has lifted these simple foods to greatness.

How could such a mongrel hybrid, better suited to greasy neighborhood nomiya, ever be worthy of genteel consideration? Or sawara sashimi with strawberry sauce? Usually in kushiyake places there is a the classic kind of pot of brown sauce in which you can dip the skewer once it is very bad manners to do it twice, and definitely not after you already took a bite from the skewer, the customers after you will use the same sauce. Hantei also has a sister restaurant in Kanda. The basic 2, yen course, which is served to everyone who steps through the door, consists of six assorted morsels of golden-crisp kushi-age, plus a couple of side plates, which provide a counterpoint for both the eyes and the palate.


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Your only choice is what to drink, and even that is hardly a taxing problem since kushi-age is complemented equally well by beer Sapporo Lager or the very drinkable house sake from Hiroshima Prefecture. Manager Ohura says that to sit at the counter and taste variety of Kushiage is the standard style of Kushiage. The course ends with rice plain or as ochazuke , followed by dessert. Only the seasonal vegetables, seafood and meat in good quality for Kushiage at the time are chosen to be cooked.
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The love of the Japanese for food has lifted these simple foods to greatness. More skewers The skewers are made of fine bamboo needles that are deep-fried in vegetable oil, and brought to you by the waiters as they are still hot. Basic Ichinozen 2, yen. Inside the building: from left: the ground floor, the second floor The two small photos, top: the third floor, bottom: the hallway on the ground floor with regular chairs.

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