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Among them: abortion, guns, gay rights, the separation of church and state, immigration and presidential power. The upcoming term will almost surely be a march to the right on almost every issue that is a flashpoint in American society. Also headed to the court are cases testing the power of Congress to get information from the executive branch and elsewhere, information that is relevant to congressional oversight and potentially, to impeachment. The Dreamers Then too, there are a variety of immigration cases, the biggest being the Trump administration's attempt to roll back the Obama administration program that continues to protect from deportation some ,, "Dreamers" brought to the U.

Though the work had received all of its community and design approvals by , public opposition and a planned renovation of Christopher Park completed in sidelined the project for years. The Supreme Court has never before weighed in on the issue. Further protests erupted in early July, and on July 27, a group of activists organized the first gay and lesbian march, from Washington Square to Stonewall.