Josefine Mutzenbacher Die Hure Von

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About the мovie josefine mutzenbacher die hure von:

Translated from the German and Privately Printed. Contrary to the what the title indicates, almost the entirety of the book takes place when Josephine is between the ages of 5—12 years old, before she actually becomes a licensed prostitute in the brothels of Vienna. I was at that time five years old and was playing on the floor of the room. Further reading.

Complete and unexpurgated. Helsinki, Books on Demand, One of these lodgers, whom I remember particularly well, was an apprentice locksmith, a dark, sad-featured young chap who had tiny black eyes and a face that was always covered with soot. I remember how one afternoon he came home when I was alone in our place.


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The style bears more than a passing resemblance to the Marquis de Sade 's The Days of Sodom in its unabashed "laundry list" cataloging of all manner of taboo sexual antics from incest and rape to child prostitution, group sex and fellatio. However, the significance of the case came to eclipse Josephine Mutzenbacher as an individual work, because it set a precedent as to which has a larger weight in German Law: Freedom of Expression or The Protection of the Youth. The BPJM maintained that the book was pornographic and dangerous to minors because it contained explicit descriptions of sexual promiscuity, child prostitution, and incest as its exclusive subject matter, and promoted these activities as positive, insignificant, and even humorous behaviors in a manner devoid of any artistic value. We also had a roomer.

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