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To her horror though, 2B's squadmates suddenly turn on her, infected by the same logic virus that claimed 9S earlier. She claims that every girl wants to look good sometimes and ends the transmission before 2B can put another point in. Adam then expresses his unnatural desire of understanding humanity, asking the androids for some humans to dissect and analyze.

She interrupts him to express that she is glad that he's still alive. Outnumbered, they back away and stare as the machines start to chant "this cannot continue" and crawl into a clump. Route A ends with 9S holding 2B while she narrates: "What is it that separates machines from androids like us? However, as there wasn't enough bandwidth and time, 9S only managed to send 2B's memories with his only intact up to the point of before meeting her.


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During their endeavors, 2B and 9S notice how many of their machine lifeform enemies are docile, with some having begun to take on human traits. As she requests for backup from Command, 9S stops her, believing that is unnecessary, as three more Engels units reveal themselves from the ocean. As the two explore the City Ruins, 9S makes more comments about their situation. You can remove her visor by wearing the Camouflage Goggles , unlocked after Route C.
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Over the course of hundreds of operations, 2B was forced to kill 9S and wipe his memory countless times, an act that she came to hate for the pain it caused her after bonding with him over that time. The event concludes with an area beneath the ruins collapsing, the Engels units deactivating, and an alien signal emitting from a cave beneath the collapsed grounds. It is revealed that after detonating their black boxes, 2B's data was uploaded back to the Bunker and transferred to a new body, ensuring her survival.

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