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About the –ľovie hot smoking:

The fish are speated on stainless steel rods in one of two ways for smoking. The damper is then slowly reopened until smoke just stops escaping. Sawdust for smoking should contain a high proportion of hardwood to impart a pleasant flavour to the fish. I will travel"!

The drying period usually takes minutes. A word of caution to those of you not yet addicted to smoking food that is , start with a small amount of wood for smoke, as you may end up getting too much smoke flavour for your taste. During hot smoking, the texture of the food will become softer and less dense, like during any cooking process. The dead eels are washed thoroughly in clean cold water and the skin scraped to remove all traces of slime.


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Dogfish flaps Some UK processors have tried to make and export hot smoked dogfish flaps to Germany where, under the name Schillerlocken, they are extremely popular. After cold smoking the food in essence is still raw, while that beautiful dark-red color developed by the smoking process runs deep into the food - or all through the food. The total time, and the proportion spent at each stage, will depend on the species, its size and fat content, and the kind of product required.
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The kiln All the recipes in this note are for application in a Torry mechanical smoking kiln. The amount of charcoal to use for each cook will depend on what's cooking, but if you find that you're running out of fire during a cooking session, don't panic, as the ProQ's unique design makes refilling a breeze. For a list of the woods used for food smoking, follow this link. One thing you will notice about smoked food, is that the smoke causes the flesh to turn pink this is known as the "Smoke Ring" , which makes it quite difficult for the novice to determine whether or not the food is cooked.

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