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On "I'm That Nigga," he brags about sporting the baddest ladies, "each city, each town. Donald Glover thanked the group in his Golden Globes acceptance speech, comparing them to the Beatles. Juicy J ft.

It's lonely out there in the animated universe. In all likelihood, this video won't make more people self-aware of their fallibility, but it sure is fun to look at! Production on the album is also handled by crew members, mainly Romil Hemnani and Jabari Manwa. They're on a history-lesson rampage, which is exactly what you want from the legendary NDH rockers, who aren't into the kinds of revisionist history that plague most of the ideology of resurgent far right movements. On "Hereditary," he runs through a dialogue about a self-sabotaging relationship accompanied by piano and electric guitar.


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It's sonic uprising happened amid a national backdrop of political upheaval, racial discord, violent demonstrations and revelatory reckoning around the systemic abuses of power and gender inequality that hits so close to home in this genre. Juicy J ft. Bonus points for appearances from the likes of Laura Jane Grace and Jeff Rosenstock, and a truly terrible interview show at the top. But unlike such cities as Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans, the floodgates never opened and the wider world has only been treated to such unique perspectives intermittently. That's a lot of proving for one video.
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The Killers, "Land of the Free" Director: Spike Lee Release date: January 14 Why it's great: Well, here we are in and The Killers and Spike Lee have joined forces; so, yeah, it would take a thousand clumsy papers in an intro-level expressive culture class to trace the origins and implications of this collaboration. And Rapsody reigned supreme over nearly everybody. Among 's best LPs, these are some that challenged or complicated America's record on race, detailed a strong sense of place while critiquing widespread cultural erasure, or broke conventions of genre, gender and identity within the space of rap itself.

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