Fucks Friends Daughter And Her Friends And

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A bit about me I'm 45, 6'2 and in not bad shape really, I swim and gym regularly enough and while I have no 6 pack ambitions these days I like to keep fit and look fit. I moaned her name as I came, I knew right then that she had gotten under my skin. She started to cry a little, a tear ran down her cheek.


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I didn't stay that long to notice after I busted. It's instantly the walk of shame sfterwards.
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Vids like this makes me thank that dude from the internet lol
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The woman's pussy was so wet. It was hard not to cum I was so turned on.
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I thought this is too much, I had to look away before my cocks get any harder. She grabbed my cock and squeezed then starting stroking it.

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