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We could not imagine a better place for her! Children brought to love freedom and see their dignity as shared with others, by this accord, would become good adults. Ferrer spoke with Barcelona University professors about creating a popular university with classes open to the public. Pupils planned their own work and were trusted and free to attend as they pleased.

Similarly, he did not adopt grades or exams, whose propensity to flatter, deflate, and torture Ferrer considered injurious. He says Escuela taught him to care for his community and challenged him to push himself academically. Ferrer's pedagogy advanced an "ideal" of education against a critique of the "evils" of schooling systems. The lessons of this education in social justice, equality, and liberty included capitalism as evil, government as slavery, war as crime against humanity , freedom as fundamental to human development, and suffering produced through patriotism, exploitation, and superstition. This summer, he interned with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado , where he developed a guide to help first-generation college students succeed in their first year of college.


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His mother, who had been pursuing a nursing career in Mexico, gave up that dream to instead clean houses. By removing the influence of the church and state from mass education, they argued, the enlightened public would upend the status quo. The school charged sliding scale tuition based on parental capacity to pay.
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The goal is for students to achieve full biliteracy by the end of third grade, so that year, literacy time is spent working on the second language. Towards non-didactic freedom from dogma, Ferrer fulfilled the child-centered tradition of Rousseau, Pestalozzi, and Froebel by "opting out" of the traditional systems of Spanish education. Their topics included grammar, math, natural and social science, geography, anthropology, sociology, religious mythology, and the iniquities of patriotism and conquest. The son of two Mexican immigrants, he only spoke Spanish at home. Upon his return to Barcelona in , following 16 years of exile in Paris, Ferrer became a prominent proponent for a rationalist education focused on reason, dignity, self-reliance, and scientific observation.

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